Egg Distributor/Candler Requirements

It is a requirement under Title 37, Chapter 15, Idaho Code, "Egg and Egg Products" and IDAPA 02.02.11 "Rules Governing Egg and Egg Products" to comply with the laws and rules if you are a distributor of egg and/or egg products or if you have 300 or more birds.

Both distributors and candlers must renew their license yearly. In addition to a license, distributors are required to pay a monthly mill levy assessment of .004 per dozen.

If an individual has less than 300 birds, he/she can sell the eggs without complying with the requirements. However, the eggs must be clean and the container must be labeled with the individual's name, address, phone number, and the words "UNGRADED EGGS".

         Mill Assessment Form

         Egg Distributor Application

         Egg Candler Application