Animal Health

Picture collage of five pictures from right to left: Brown beef cattle, boxes full of baby chicks, brown dairy cattle, a man working with a horse's shoes, and a young llama.

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) is responsible for regulatory animal disease control and prevention programs through the inspection and investigation of livestock, livestock facilities, and the movement of animals in intrastate, interstate and international commerce. In addition to cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on day-to-day issues and activities, ISDA staff participates in the USDA Cooperative Disease Control programs for cattle, horses, swine, sheep, domestic cervidae, ratites, llamas, poultry, and fish. ISDA and Fish and Game are working cooperatively to address Brucellosis in free-ranging elk.

ISDA is responsible for the protection of ground and surface water from waste generated on beef cattle animal feeding operations, which is accomplished through inspection of waste handling and containment facilities, and review and approval of new or modified facilities. ISDA is also responsible for ensuring the proper disposal of dead animals.

Staff answers numerous inquiries from the public, veterinary practitioners and the livestock industry on matters pertaining to disease control, preventive medicine, biosecurity, interstate shipment, herd management, animal care and waste management. They issue permits or licenses for animal agriculture functions and provide animal welfare education, investigate animal cruelty complaints, and work cooperatively with law enforcement agencies in the resolution of animal care cases and animal movement violations.