Fish Farms

Rows of feeders at a fish farm.Commercial Fish Farms are regulated through Idaho Code, Title 22, Chapter 46, "Commercial Fish Facilities" and Title 36, "Fish and Game." Title 22 is administered by ISDA. Title 36 is administered by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.  Anyone wishing to have a fish farm must apply* for a license through ISDA. These licenses renew every other year (on even years), and there is a licensing fee of $25. To renew, a facility must also have an inspection conducted by the field staff in your area.

If you are looking to contact a fish farmer in your area, we have included our list with facility names, cities, phone numbers and fish types. This is not a complete list of the fish farms in Idaho, rather a list of those facilities who have allowed their information to be released.

If you wish to import fish, please review the import requirements here and in IDAPA 02.04.21 "Rules Governing the Importation of Animals."

*This document is in .pdf format.