(Rural Economic Development & Integrated
Freight Transportation Program)

 What is REDIFiT? Essentially, REDIFiT is a Low Interest Transportation Loan Program

 The program was created by the Idaho Legislature in Title 49, Chapter 29 to assist businesses and industries as well as qualified short line or intermodal freight shippers to upgrade, expand, rehabilitate, purchase or modernize equipment and facilities for Idaho’s freight shipping infrastructure.

The program is open to all Idaho industries. Although managed by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, it is not limited to the agriculture sector.

An Interagency Working Group advises the Department on all program matters. The Interagency Working Group includes 2 employees of the Idaho Transportation Department; 2 transportation industry representatives appointed by the Idaho Transportation Department, 2 employees of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, 1 industry representative appointed by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture and 1 representative from the Idaho Department of Commerce.


REDIFiT Loan Documents

Loan Fact Sheet

Program Guide

Loan Application

Grant Program and Application