Container Recycling OPeration (CROP)

photo of container recycling truck

Dear Container Recycling Customer:

Last fall, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) was approached by private industry to take over the collection and recycling of pesticide containers. ISDA reached out to several associations for input and the consensus from the groups was that ISDA should not be competing with private industry. As of January 1, 2016, ISDA has discontinued our container recycling program in Idaho.

A private company, Agri-Plas, Inc., headquartered in Brooks, Oregon, will be collecting and recycling empty plastic pesticide containers in all areas of Idaho. ISDA has worked with Agri-Plas to transition the collection of containers in Idaho over to them and we anticipate the service you have come to expect will not be interrupted by this change. Agri-Plas has been collecting and recycling pesticide containers in Oregon and Washington and currently operates under a contract with the Agricultural Container Recycling Council (ACRC) for Idaho. The phone number for Agri-Plas is (208) 432-2000. For additional information regarding pesticide container recycling information, please contact the ACRC website at, or contact local recycling companies for more information about what they will collect and recycle. Although the ISDA has discontinued its Container Recycling Program, we are still committed to seeing recycling in Idaho succeed and grow. If you experience any problems or have concerns, please contact either Vic Mason at (208) 332-8628, or me at (208) 332-8531 with questions or concerns and we will do whatever we can to help facilitate a solution.

ISDA would like to sincerely thank all of you who have made this program such a success over the years. Without your loyalty to the program and willingness to participate, we could never have experienced the rapid growth and success of this program. ISDA is fortunate to work with such a great industry and we wish you all success in the new direction of the Container Recycling Program.


George Robinson, Administrator
Division of Ag Resources