Commercial Feeds, Fertilizers, Soil & Plant Amendments

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Commercial Feeds

Bio-Diesel Derived Glycerin (pdf)

Investigator Sampling Bags of Animal Feed

The most important aspects of feed regulation are to provide protection for the consumer as well as the regulated industry by safeguarding the health of man and animal, while providing a structure for orderly commerce.

In order to sell animal feeds in Idaho, the product must be registered with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture. Registration forms must be submitted along with a product label that lists all ingredients and includes a Guaranteed Analysis.

Registration fees are $40.00 per product.

Commercial Fertilizers
Fertilizer Products on Store Shelf

Fertilizer manufacturers are required under this truth-in-labeling law to register their products with the department and subject their products to periodic sampling and analytical testing to ensure that label guarantees are being met and that the product is not adulterated or misbranded.

Registration forms must be submitted along with a product label that lists all ingredients and includes a Guaranteed Analysis or evidence of grade.

Each separately identifiable fertilizer product requires a registration fee of $25. Products in packages of greater than 25 pounds or in bulk are subject to a $0.35 per ton inspection fee. For more detailed information, please see Laws and Rules.

Commercial Soil & Plant Amendments


Registration with ISDA is required In order to distribute soil or plant amendments in the state of Idaho. Each application form must be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee of one hundred dollars ($100) per product and a label.

The application must identify waste-derived products and state the concentration of metals or metalloids and the applicant must provide a laboratory report or other documentation verifying the levels of the metals or metalloids in the soil or plant amendment product.

Upon receipt of a complete application for registration of a product, the ISDA may test and analyze an official sample of the product to determine whether the contents of the sample conform to the label. ISDA may also require an applicant to submit any data concerning the efficacy or safety of the product for its intended use.

All soil and plant amendment products are subject to a semi-annual fifteen cent ($0.15) per ton tonnage tax.

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