Metrology Laboratory


The Idaho State Department of Agriculture Metrology Laboratory is currently recognized under the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Weights and Measures Division Measurement Assurance Program for state laboratories. The laboratory maintains standards of mass, length, and volume; providing traceability for the legal metrology needs of the Bureau. The laboratory can also provide traceable measurements up to Echelon II for any entity needing traceability.

The ISDA Metrology Laboratory has a documented quality system that includes components of ISO Guide 25, ANSI/NCSL Z 540-1-1994 and ISO 17025 and is on file. In addition all procedures used in the laboratory are those that have been established and published by NIST. The standard operating procedures, good laboratory practices, and good measurement practices are provided in NIST Handbook 145 and or NIST IR 6969. The laboratory staff regularly participates in regional metrology meetings of the Western Regional Assurance Program (WRAP), a regional measurement assurance group sponsored by the Weights and Measures Division of NIST to provide an opportunity for regular training and evaluation. ISDA W&M laboratory staff regularly participate in "round robin" measurements coordinated by NIST and WRAP as an external measurement control. The ISDA W&M laboratory has an extensive system of internal measurement assurance programs, based on control charts, to verify the values of working standards used to provide measurement services. The ISDA W&M laboratory issues calibration reports, which include: measurement results and associated uncertainties, or where appropriate, a compliance statement; a statement that the laboratory standards are traceable to national standards; and an explanation of how uncertainties are determined to include at least the coverage factor and the confidence level that were used in the determination of the uncertainties.


A detailed traceability statement is available, on request, from the ISDA Metrology Laboratory. Call 208-332-8690 or send e-mail to