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International Marketing
Exporter Resources & Education

Export Guides & Training

Several informative and easy-to-understand trainings are available online and in-print or in-person, many of which are free of charge. To view a list of these trainings, click here.

The Market Development Division is available to help exporters find the tools they need to begin or grow international sales. Export education consultations are held between companies and Idaho State Department of Agriculture representatives to discuss export issues and resources.

Market Research & Development

The Market Development Division facilitates connections between Idaho companies and international buyers. The Division passes along trade leads, takes an active role in trade policy, and helps organize events to promote Idaho products and companies in the international marketplace.

Each year, the Market Development Division updates the Idaho Agriculture Trade Issues Report, a publication that reports on trade issues affecting agricultural products.

Click here to view additional tools for market research and development.

Shipping, Documentation & Standards

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture issues Certificates of Free Sale and Phytosanitary Certificates which may be required by the importing country. For information on how to request these certificates, click the links in this text.

Shipping products outside of the United States requires a number of documents. To view a list of common export documents that are required for many international shipments, click here.

Before beginning an international shipment, it is necessary to know the ten-digit Schedule B number, the export classification code for U.S. exports that is based on the Harmonized System (HS). The first six digits of the Schedule B number are from the Harmonized System and are recognized by over 170 countries,click here. The Schedule B and HS numbers are required on several shipping documents, can help determine tariff rates or qualification for preferential treatment under a free trade agreement, and may assist in determining the documents required by the importing country.

Freight forwarders specialize in shipping and documentation and can assist with many phases of the export process. Freight forwarders are more than just a shipping company as they may often perform functions such as preparation of shipping documents, negotiation of freight charges, cargo insurance, etc. Click here for a list of shipping companies and freight forwarders in Idaho.

For links to other schedules, codes and reports useful when shipping or preparing documentation, click here.

Financing & Funding

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture has several resources available to assist agricultural projects, efforts, and exports.

To view ISDA’s financial assistance programs as well as other grant and loan opportunities, click here.

To view other sources for financing and funding, click here.