Celia R. Gould , Director/Secretary

Director Gould was appointed by Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture in January 2007. Celia is a third generation farmer/rancher and continues to actively participate in the family operation raising black-angus cattle, corn, wheat and hay. Celia’s objectives for ISDA include: enhancement of the customer service structure of the agency through quality and uniformity, partnering with Idaho producers to showcase and ensure quality products, retain and train employees to ensure the highest quality of professional expertise; and administer the business of the department efficiently and effectively.


Brian Oakey, Deputy Director

Brian Oakey In March of 2007 Brian became the Deputy Director at ISDA. Brian’s duties as deputy director include advising the Director, Chief of Staff and administrators on policy related matters and representing the department in interagency and constituent negotiations as assigned by the Director. He previously worked with the Attorney General’s office representing the ISDA in litigation, contested case proceedings and advising administration and staff on legal matters including public records, legislation and rule making, contracts and leases, and various other legal maters. He received a Master of Laws degree in Agricultural Law from the University of Arkansas in May 2003 and a Juris doctorate degree from Drake University in 2002. While attending law school, Brian served as the Drake Agricultural Law Society President and the Editor-in-Chief of the Drake Journal of Agricultural Law.

Pamm Juker, Chief of Staff/Communications Director

Pamm JukerIn April of 2007 Pamm became the Chief of Staff and Communication Director for the department focusing on fostering a reliable communication system between diverse divisions within the department, as well as, with other state agencies, customers, the public and media. Pamm manages internal communications to encourage innovation and information sharing within the department as well as plays an integral part in the policy component for the agency. In addition, she coordinates public information activities in support of the Director and department and has stepped in as interim division administrator. Pamm manages the Records Management program and plans, organizes and directs other department-wide projects. She also assists the Director with administrative, personnel, and policy decision-making. She has served the state since 1996 and currently represents the department on several advisory committees and the state PIER Team which coordinates state services and agencies in the event of a natural disaster or terror attempt. Pamm received a Bachelor of Business in 1980 and a Masters of Public Administration in 2008, both from Boise State University.


Kelly Nielsen, Administrative Support Programs

Kelly oversees the administrative programs of the department including: financial management, human resources, information technology, and legal services. This division is responsible for providing administrative services for the other internal divisions of the Department and external customers including the Soil Conservation Commission, Quality Assurance Institute, Idaho Aquaculture and the Board of Veterinary Services. The services provided include accounting, payroll, training, employee development, help desk, programming, server administration, mail services, building and complex maintenance, and capital projects. This division seeks to provide quality service to both external and internal customers at a minimal overhead cost.



Laura Johnson , International Trade & Domestic Market Development

The goal of the Market Development Division is to increase domestic and international sales opportunities for Idaho food and agricultural products to foster industry growth and profitability. The Division increases the consumption of locally grown products in retail, schools and food service through the Idaho Preferred® program. A comprehensive approach to international market development includes promotion, trade policy, transportation and education. The third area of focus is on Ag diversification including value-added processing and new uses for agricultural products such as energy.




George Robinson , Division of Agricultural Resources

The Division of Agricultural Resources is designated to protect human health, the environment, and animal and wildlife species of the state from potential adverse effects of agricultural activities. The division registers pesticides for sale and use in Idaho and trains and licenses pesticide applicators and chemigators. In coordination with agriculture professionals, agencies, and the public, the department has improved protection of human health, the environment, and fish and wildlife species of the state from potential adverse effects of pesticides. The division also coordinates a statewide pesticide disposal program safely collecting and disposing of unusable pesticides in Idaho since 1993.



Fred Rios , Division of Agricultural Inspections

The Division of Agricultural Inspections inspects and certifies the grades on more than 10 billion pounds of Idaho commodities. Idaho’s commitment to quality is recognized throughout the United States and in the international arena. We are proud of the part we play in this endeavor. In order for our producers to sell their commodities to retailers, they have to have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in place as well as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This division is working with the private sector to offer auditing programs to accomplish these important goals. This division also oversees the Bureau of Weights and Measures program which enforces accuracy, design, and operating practices for all commercial weights and measured devices within the state to ensure uniformity and equity for the consumer and the business community. The Bonded Warehouse program also resides within the Division of Agricultural Inspections. It continues to improve with the implementation of new, more effective laws to better protect the producer, including those growers who grow seed under bailment contracts.

Dr. William Barton, Administrator, Division of Animal Industries

The Division of Animal Industries consists of the Bureaus of Dairy and Eggs; Animal Health and Livestock; Disease Surveillance and Diagnostics; and the Rangeland Management Program. Major functions include: disease control and eradication; animal identification; epidemiology; animal care and inspection; testing of animals; inspection of dairies and milk products; approval and inspection of dairy and beef waste systems; and the inspection and licensing of dairy processing facilities and various other animal agriculture facilities. Staff members also provide leadership in managing Idaho’s natural resources and assistance in resolving rangeland management issues enhancing the viability of rural communities. This division’s animal lab provides regulatory testing of animals for domestic and foreign markets; detection and control of animal diseases; and the testing of milk and milk products for quality, purity and adherence to standards of identity composition.

Lloyd Knight, Administrator, Division of Plant Industries

In March of 2009 Lloyd became the Administrator of the Division of Plant Industries.  This division is responsible for field inspections of crops and laboratory analyses for phytosanitary certification; survey and detection of exotic pests and diseases; registration of feeds, fertilizers, and soil and plant amendments, nurseries, bee colonies, and seed dealers; enforcement of quarantine rules; coordination of regional and statewide weed control activities; advising and assisting county weed control authorities of noxious weeds; and monitoring, preventing, and controlling invasive species.  Four labs are associated with the division: the feed and fertilizer lab, the seed lab, the plant pathology lab, and the Idaho Food Quality Assurance Laboratory.   Lloyd’s previous experience includes budget analyst in the Division of Financial Management, Executive Vice President of the Idaho Cattle Association and past president of the Food Producers of Idaho.  Lloyd has a degree in Animal Science from the University of Idaho.

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