2012 Agricultural Legislation

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H 389:
Weights & Measures —This legislation allows weighmaster license fees to be deposited into the Weights and Measures dedicated fund rather than the general fund.

H 395: ISDA Deficiency Warrant —This legislation appropriated and transferred a total of $62,600 to the Pest Control Deficiency Fund.

H 414: State Rail and Intermodal Facility Plan —This legislation authorizes the ISDA to transfer funds to the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to prepare and periodically update Idaho's rail plan. Funds to be transferred are those currently in the Rural Economic Development and Integrated Freight Transportation (REDIFiT) account in the State Treasury. The annual amount to be transferred shall not exceed one percent (1%) of all funds contained within the REDIFiT account. ITD is authorized to accumulate funds within ITD not to exceed $75,000 to prepare and update Idaho's rail plan.

H 512: Sheep and Goat Health Board —This legislation changed the name of the Idaho Sheep Commission to the Idaho Sheep and Goat Health Board; removed a requirement for approval of the Governor relating to the board's appointment of a veterinarian; revised assessment provisions; removed provisions relating to the deposit of certain moneys and the withdrawal of moneys; and removed audit provisions and exemption provisions related to standard travel and pay allowances for specified expenditures.

H 513: Honey Advertising Commission —This legislation amended the law related to the Honey Advertising Commission by making technical corrections; revising definitions; defining terms; revising duties of the commission; provides for rulemaking, adding a new section related to sampling and analysis; and including penalties for violations and "stop sale, use, or removal" orders. The purpose of this legislation is to prohibit the adulteration of honey produced by Idaho beekeepers.

H 681: ISDA Appropriation —This legislation appropriated an additional $455,000 to the ISDA for FY12 and appropriated $36,448,400 to the ISDA for FY13. This law also limited the number of full-time equivalent positions to 195.68 and provides guidance for employee compensation.

S 1236: Commercial Feed Law —This legislation changed the structure of the Commercial Feed Program by clarifying the responsibilities of the commercial feed registrants, manufacturers and distributors. The legislation clarifies label review requirements; expedites registration processes for commercial feed; eliminates the tonnage reporting requirement and inspection fees; and implements a uniform registration fee. The legislation requires the ISDA to provide notification prior to inspection.

S 1303: Animal Cruelty This legislation amended existing law relating to animals to provide that specified conduct under certain circumstances constitutes a felony; provided for penalties; and provided that other specified conduct constitutes misdemeanors.

S 1366: Rulemaking This legislation clarifies the purposes of negotiated rulemaking and provides for minimum procedures to enhance public notice and participation.

SCR 117: Rule Rejection —This concurrent resolution rejected a subsection of a final rule of the Department of Agriculture relating to Rules Governing the Importation of Animals as being not consistent with legislative intent.

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