Bulk Milk Hauler License

Sanitary Inspection of Dairy Products, Title 37, Chapter 3, Idaho Code, requires individuals to obtain a Bulk Milk Haulers License in order to grade, sample, measure and pump milk from a dairy farm bulk tank, and deliver milk to a dairy processing plant, receiving station, or transfer station. A valid license shall be kept in the hauler's place of employment or the office where the hauler most frequently delivers milk. The hauler is required to have in their possession a valid bulk hauler license when conducting bulk milk pickup and delivering activities. This license shall be available for inspection upon request by an authorized official.

The license shall be valid for three years and must be renewed by December 31 of the third year. Every licensed hauler is required to attend a training session and pass a test to be eligible to renew his/her hauler's license. The fee for the license is $25.00.

Please contact the Boise office or field staff for the appropriate area for further information.

Milk Samplers

IDAPA 02.04.08, Rules Governing Grade A Milk and Milk Products, requires that individuals receive inspections yearly when taking milk samples from bulk milk tankers.