Title 37, Chapter 3, Idaho Code Dairies & Dairy Products


Title 37, Chapter 5, Idaho Code Inspection and Licensing of Dairy Product Dealers and Establishments -- Babcock Tests


Title 37, Chapter 6, Idaho Code Dairy Environmental Control Act

  Title 37, Chapter 11, Idaho Code Acquisition of Raw Milk

Title 37, Chapter 12, Idaho Code Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts




IDAPA 02.04.04 Artificial Dairy Products


IDAPA 02.04.05 Rules Governing Manufacture Grade Milk


IDAPA 02.04.06 Rules Governing Licensed Dairy Plants


IDAPA 02.04.08 Rules Governing Grade A Milk and Milk Products

  IDAPA 02.04.09 Rules Governing Milk and Cream Procurement and Testing

IDAPA 02.04.13 Rules Governing Raw Milk


IDAPA 02.04.14 Rules Governing Dairy Byproduct


IDAPA 02.04.16 Rules Governing Agriculture Odor Management


IDAPA 02.04.17 Rules Governing Dead Animal Movement & Disposal

  IDAPA 02.04.30 Rules Governing Nutrient Management
  IDAPA 02.04.31 Rules Governing Stockpiling of Agricultural Waste
  IDAPA 02.04.32 Rules Governing Poultry Operations