Rangeland Management Program

Primary responsibilities of the Range Program are to provide support and expertise to Idaho rangeland livestock producers and land and wildlife management agencies for planning and management of vegetation and other rangeland resources through the application of Best Management Practices. Services are provided through collaborative efforts such as the Coordinated Resource Management Program, the Challis Experimental Stewardship Program, Sage Grouse Local Working Groups, and indirectly through support of the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission, the Idaho Rangeland Committee, the Idaho Cattle and Idaho Wool Growers Associations and the Society for Range Management.  

The staff also provides technical expertise for the Idaho Governor’s office in reviewing various federal and state environmental impact statements, and other proposals that impact grazing, vegetation management, or other rangeland resources or uses. Staff also provides leadership for the Section 8 program, a conflict resolution process for mediating allotment management disputes between federal grazing permittees and the Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management.