Approved Feedlots

Approved feedlots are feedlots, governed by IDAPA 02.04.20, Rules Governing Brucellosis, which have been approved by the administrator to feed female cattle and domestic bison that have not been officially vaccinated against Brucellosis, or other bovidae not in compliance with Idaho's rules. These animals require an entry permit and/or Certificate of Veterinary Inspection when being imported into Idaho. Please call the department to verify what your specific import will need before sending any animals to an approved feedlot. We have more information on animal imports located under Imports & Exports.

For your convenience, we have included a partial list of the approved feedlots* in Idaho. This list is of the producers who have allowed their information to be posted on our site. If you do not see a facility on this list, verification of approved status can be obtained by calling Animal Industries at (208) 332-8560.


*This document is in .pdf format.