Two bull elk in water with antlers locked, fighting.

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture regulates the domestic cervidae industry. Part of this involves conducting facility inspections and annual inventory verification. There is an annual per-head fee of $10.00 for elk and $3.00 for reindeer and fallow deer. Facilities are inspected at least once every 5 years. If you need to schedule an inspection, contact the field staff in your area. To apply to become a domestic cervidae farm or complete an application for annual renewal, please print a copy of the application* and mail or fax to ISDA.

There is a $10.00 per head fee for any import, export or intrastate ownership transfer of domestic cervidae. For intrastate movement, responsibility for this fee should be determined at the time of sale. The official Intrastate Movement Certificate* must be submitted to ISDA within 5 days of the transfer. The attached is a sample of this certificate. Valid, official certificates can be obtained by contacting ISDA at (208) 332-8571.

When importing cervidae, please ensure you have followed the Domestic Cervidae Import Procedure and Requirements. Once you have all the proper paperwork assembled, complete a Domestic Cervidae Import Application and return to ISDA via email (miranda.juker@isda.idaho.gov) or fax (208-334-4062).

The domestic cervidae program involves mandatory Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) testing. Domestic cervidae producers in Idaho are required to submit samples on at least 10% of eligible animals (those 16 months or older) harvested on the facility, as well as 100% of eligible animals dying by any other means, for CWD testing.

Testing can be done through any of the federally approved laboratories for CWD testing.

If you need to get a Tuberculosis (TB) test for change of ownership, movement of animals out of state, or to have an accredited herd status, here is a list of the veterinarians who are certified to test for TB.

*This document is in .pdf format.