ISDA Field Contacts

Dr. Scott Barnes, Animal Health Inspector

Northern Idaho
(208) 882-7393

Kerry Sanford, Animal Health Inspector

Northern Idaho
(208) 799-5038

Kelsey Swainston , Animal Health Inspector

South Treasure Valley
(208) 249-6005

Erica Beck, Animal Health Inspector

North Treasure Valley
(208) 230-7287
Dan Davis, Animal Health Inspector
Magic Valley
(208) 293-9710

Kelly Mortensen, Animal Health Inspector
Eastern Idaho
(208) 690-9679
Mike Telford, Animal Health Inspector
Eastern Idaho
(208) 390-5279
Tallen Boyer, Dairy/Animal Health Inspector
Southeastern Idaho
(208) 643-9296

USDA Field Contacts

Dr. Kendal Eyre
Treasure Valley
(208) 373-1620
Dr. Lyn Langford
Magic Valley
(208) 373-1620
Dr. Lori McCoy-Harrison
Magic Valley
(208) 373-1620

Below is a small map of the counties showing which county is in which area. If you are unsure who to contact, please contact the main office at (208) 332-8540. For a larger image, simply click the map.


Small map of Idaho, divided into counties and color-coded for inspection areas.  North Idaho, East Idaho, Magic Valley, and Treasure Valley are all distinguished.