Grazing Permits

Field with old buildings and cattle grazing.Annual grazing (Pasture-to-Pasture) permits are available for the following states:


These permits cover a time period specified by the applicant, which cannot be more than six (6) months. To apply for a grazing permit, fill out and complete a Request For Grazing Permit*. The form must then be sent to the state that the cattle are originating from. Once the form has been completed by the states, you will receive a copy.

A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) is required when moving on a grazing permit. If you are going from Idaho to another state, an Idaho CVI needs to be obtained prior to leaving. If you are entering Idaho from another state, a CVI from that state must be obtained, again prior to entering Idaho. No certificate is required when returning at the end of the grazing period.

*This document is in .pdf format.