Wildlife and Exotic species

Wildlife is defined as "Any animal generally living in a state of nature except, domestic bison, domestic cervidae, domestic fur bearing animals, and fish" in IDAPA 02.04.21 Rules Governing the Importation of Animals. The following is some basic information regarding importing this type of animal into Idaho.

All wildlife and exotic animals, except Deleterious Exotic Animals (see below) require a current Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and a permit issued by ISDA.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game also regulates wildlife and exotic animals, except Deleterious Exotic Animals, and should be contacted at (208) 454-7646 to find out their requirements and obtain a Wildlife Permit (in addition to required entry permits from ISDA).

Deleterious Exotic Animals - Some animals are restricted or prohibited from importation under the Rules Governing Deleterious Exotic Animals, IDAPA 02.04.27. If you currently own an animal that is listed in this rule, you need to complete a Deleterious Exotic Animal Possession Application * and obtain a possession permit from the Department of Agriculture.

*This document is in .pdf format.