Public Livestock Markets

Title 25, Chapter 17, Idaho Code, Livestock Markets, states no person shall conduct or operate a public livestock market without first securing a charter from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

Application for Charter* requires payment of the annual renewal fee of $200 plus a one-time $500 non-refundable Hearing Fee. Charters expire on April 30th of each year and the annual renewal charter fee is due at this time. Application for Transfer of a Public Livestock Charter requires payment of the $200 Annual Charter Fee, $100 Processing Fee (non-refundable), and an additional hearing fee of $150, IF a protest of the transfer is received by the ISDA. All fees described must be made payable to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture and remitted separately.

A List of Public Livestock Markets* in Idaho with location, sale day, and species has been provided for your convenience.

*this document is in .pdf format