Veterinarians are not regulated by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA). The Board of Veterinary Medicine is the main regulatory entity for veterinarians, but we have included some resources:

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Industries accepts the following online/electronic health certificates for imports into Idaho:
                         New Planet Technologies SmartICVI

Global Vet Link is accessible through a secure web-based system, so any currently licensed, federally accredited veterinarian can create a certificate at any time. Transactions created in your practice will be available in real time and automatically go to all of the appropriate animal health officials.

To discover more about this process, please contact Global Vet Link online at or by telephone at 515-296-0860.

Veterinary supplies, such as Certificates of Veterinary Inspection and prescription pads are ordered through the Division of Animal Industries at ISDA. We have provided an online order form for your convenience. This may be filled out and submitted online or printed and mailed or faxed into Animal Industries. We also accept orders by phone, if you would rather call in.

We have also provided a list of the supplies ordered through the Animal Health Laboratory, and a list of the supplies ordered from USDA. Please contact the appropriate agency for your supply needs.

Veterinarians receive their USDA accreditation through training that is conducted jointly by USDA and ISDA. For questions regarding accreditation please contact USDA at (208) 373-1620 or ISDA at (208) 332-8540.