Supplies ordered from USDA

  • Brucellosis Test Charts (VS4-33)
  • Brucellosis Test Continuation Charts (VS4-33A)
  • Brucellosis Test Charts for Saleyards (VS4-54)
  • Brucellosis Calfhood Vaccination Book (VS4-24)
  • Brucellosis Identification Tags (Silver)
  • Calfhood Vaccination Tags (Orange)
  • Scrapie Tags
  • Tuberculosis Test Record (VS6-22)
  • Permit of Movement Forms (VS1-227)

These supplies are ordered from:
9158 West Black Eagle Drive
Boise, ID 83709
(208) 373-1620
(208) 378-5637 (Fax)

These supplies take a minimum of 14 days to be received.