Idaho Soil Conservation Commission


The Idaho Soil Conservation Commission (ISCC) is a non-regulatory natural resource agency residing within the Department of Agriculture. ISDA provides necessary administrative services while the Commission maintains independent operations, working cooperatively to coordinate complimentary programs and responsibilities as related to agriculture and related natural resources.

ISCC provides for natural resource conservation improvements, projects, and programs that are planned, coordinated, and implemented at the local level, cooperating with Conservation Districts, state and federal agencies. The Commission leads non-regulatory efforts to conserve, sustain, improve, and enhance Idaho ’s private and state lands, and to provide assistance to private landowners and land users to plan, develop, and implement conservation plans addressing soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources.


Idaho’s Conservation Partnership


In 2000, ISCC, along with five other essential groups, joined to form Idaho ’s core conservation partnership. ISCC, the Idaho Association of Soil Conservation Districts (IASCD), USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, the IASCD Auxiliary, and Idaho District Employees Association signed a formal agreement which embodied their mutual conservation objectives. The Idaho Resource Conservation and Development Association recently joined the partnership, lending fresh perspectives on community development to the core partnership. This unique alliance of cooperative conservationists is the key to successfully preserving Idaho ’s quality of life. There are many programs and services available through the partnership that are designed to assist in the implementation of a wide range of conservation activities. Visit any of the above links to learn more about Idaho ’s natural resource conservation programs and services.