FF&V at a Glance

2004 Summer Conference Attendees.  Group includes human resources, management, administrative assistant, and employee representative staff. Lee Stacey, Boise Bureau Chief Paula Chase, Boise Human Resources Cheryl Clark, Blackfoot Tech. Records Spec. Donna Cronrath, Boise Human Resources Richard Curry, Burley Ag. Program Spec. Jorge Silvas, Caldwell District Employee Rep. Ron Morgan, Idaho Falls District Manager Cindy Stark, Boise Ag. Program Spec. Bob Foster, Idaho Falls Assistant Manager Terry Nelson, Burley District Manager Mary Ann Brady, Burley District Contract Supervisor LeighAnn Sensenbach, Blackfoot Office Spec. Rex Young, Blackfoot District Manager Sandy Bennett, Burley District Employee Rep. Dixie Dickard, Caldwell Tech. Records Spec. Carol Smith, Burley Tech. Records Spec. Charisse Smith, Idaho Falls Office Spec. Leisha Bradshaw, Idaho Falls Tech. Records Spec. Charlotte Rodriguez, Caldwell District Employee Rep. Denise Hughes, Caldwell District Manager Kim Sloan, Caldwell District Employee Rep. Alice Broadhead, Burley Office Spec. Jen Armga, Boise Tech. Records Spec. Max Wheeler, Burley Assistant Manager Dave Armga, Boise FF&V Programer Dennis Anderson, Idaho Falls District Employee Rep. Roxie Simms, Burley District Employee Rep. Marnie Martin, Blackfoot District Employee Rep. Scott Harris, Blackfoot District Employee Rep. Jerry Thorngren, Idaho Falls District Employee Rep.
Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Inspection Service 2004 Summer Conference Attendees

The Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Inspection Service which started in 1917;

  • Serves producers, shippers, and processors in 36 of the 44 counties.

  • Annually performs inspections on 11 different commodities and certifies over 10 billion pounds of produce.

  • Inspects commodities for quality and condition, using official grade standards developed by USDA and ISDA. Standards describe the requirements for each grade of a commodity.

  • Inspects commodities for requested quality, condition, size, and other factors for informational purposes which provides valuable information for growers and/or shippers in making market decisions.

  • Employed 122 full-time and over 225 seasonal employees in FY 2014.

  • Issues Phytosanitary Certificates on Idaho fruit and vegetables.

  • Has PrimusLabs.com trained affiliated third party auditors on staff to conduct food safety audits.