Map of Idaho showing counties.  Map has four separate colored regions to indicate county coverage by district.

District Offices Contact Phone Numbers

Blackfoot District
745 W Bridge St Ste. D
PO Box 969
Blackfoot, ID 83221

Dotson Orgill
     District Manager
Julie Hudson
     Tech Records Spec

(208) 785-2070 office

(208) 785-4042 fax

Burley District
2181 Overland Ave
PO Box 749
Burley, ID 83318

Shane Dallolio
   District Manager
Jennifer Casey
     Tech Records Spec

(208) 678-8168 office

(208) 678-0457 fax

Caldwell District
212 S. 4th Ave.
Suite A
Caldwell, ID 83605

Denise Hughes
     District Manager
Ricki Valdez
     Tech Records Spec

(208) 454-7657

(208) 454-7666

Idaho Falls District
1120 Lincoln Rd., Suite C
PO Box 50996*, (83405)
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Steve Oberhansley
     District Manager
Leisha Bradshaw
     Tech Records Spec

(208) 525-7159 office

(208) 525-7197 fax

ALL mail sent to the district offices must go the the PO Box listed, when applicable.
the Idaho Falls district has a different zip code for the post office box.