The History of the NPIP / The NPIP Program in IDAHO

The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) was started in the early 1930's to coordinate state programs aimed at the elimination of pullorum diseases from commercial poultry. Pullorum is a bacterial disease of poultry that is transmitted from a hen to her chicks via the egg. By testing adult birds and eliminating disease carriers from the breeding flock, commercial chicken and turkey producers have eliminated this costly disease.

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Do I need to be on the NPIP Program in IDAHO?

Idaho's State Animal Industries Rules IDAPA 02.04.03 say that a person selling live birds or hatching eggs must 'be in compliance' with NPIP. This rule is in place to protect Idaho's poultry industry from certain important poultry diseases which cause severe sickness in poultry, or are economically important for producers or international trade, or are a public health concern.

Please read futher for a description of various scenarios of poultry production and how they relate to NPIP participation.

If a person is "simply" selling birds that they have raised from chicks, then they do not have to be ON the NPIP program, but just purchase their chicks from an NPIP participant. They are NOT breeding birds to produce eggs OR chicks for sale.

If a person has breeder birds that are laying fertile eggs and the person is selling those hatching eggs OR is hatching those eggs and selling the chicks, they should be ON the NPIP program and doing the NPIP testing of the breeder birds.

If a person doesn't have breeder birds, but is purchasing eggs, hatching them and selling chicks, you should be ON the NPIP program and doing the NPIP hatchery testing.

If you are only raising the birds for your use, you do not need to be "on" the NPIP or purchase your chicks from an NPIP participant, but purchasing your chicks from an NPIP participant helps you obtain birds free from some important diseases...whether you obtain them from an in-state or out-of-state source.

All birds purchased from a producer in another state (yes, including eBay) need to be individually tested for Salmonella and Mycoplasma before importation by a veterinarian and have an Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection OR be purchased from an NPIP participant, in which case, they will report the import on a NPIP form supplied by their state coordinator.

ISDA NPIP contact information: 208-332-8571 or