In accordance with Idaho Statute 25-2709 & 22-610 a portion of a sample may be requested within thirty days of the receipt of the final sample report. To request a split sample:

Email fflab@isda.idaho.gov requesting a split sample with the following information.

  • Sample number
  • Location to be mailed
  • UPS/FEDEX account number to bill shipping, or a prepaid shipping label to using the following outgoing address: 1180 Washington St N, Twin Falls, ID 83301 Requestor is responsible for all shipping cost.

If requestor does not agree with the laboratories results, a split sample may be requested to be sent to a third party umpire lab from a list of not less than three selected by the department. The request is responsible for all cost associated with third party umpire lab testing.  Please contact the lab at fflab@isda.idaho.gov for a list of referee labs.

For questions regarding the lab, sampling, testing, split samples, and results, please contact the lab at fflab@isda.idaho.gov, (208) 293-9740

For questions regarding, sample stop sales and violations, or labeling questions, please contact the applicable label review program staff:

Feed Label Review:

Kristen Hamilton, Ag Program Specialist:
(208) 293-9744

Nathan Price, Ag Program Specialist:

Fertilizer Label Review:

Rick Killebrew, Ag Program Specialist:
(208) 332-8697