Contact Information:

Address: 1180 Washington St N, Twin Falls, ID 83301
Phone: (208) 293-9740
Fax: (208) 736-2198

For questions regarding the lab, sampling, testing, split samples, and results, please contact the lab at, (208) 293-9740

Feed and Fertilizer Lab Staff:

Eduardo Maciel, Chemist:

Danielle Dialina, Laboratory Technician:

Shelby Sloan, Laboratory Technician:

Dan Salmi, Bureau Chief, Agriculture Bureau of Laboratories:

For questions regarding, sample stop sales and violations, or labeling questions, please contact the applicable label review program staff:

Feed Label Review:

Kristen Hamilton, Ag Program Specialist:
(208) 293-9744, 

Nathan Price, Ag Program Specialist: 

Fertilizer Label Review:

Rick Killebrew, Ag Program Specialist:, (208) 332-8697