The Idaho Food Quality Assurance Laboratory is a pesticide residue laboratory. We opened in October of 1997 under the direction of the Idaho Food Quality Assurance Institute to support Idaho and national agriculture.

Quality Assurance Policy

The Idaho Food Quality Assurance Laboratory (IFQAL) is committed to providing the highest quality analytical service and research support. The foundation for this lies in our quality system. The underlying principles of this quality system are based upon the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards (40 CFR Part 160); these standards ensure that there are defined requirements for facilities, equipment, personnel, methods, practices, raw data and quality controls.


The Idaho Food Quality Assurance Laboratory is operated by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture with funding provided by many sponsors.

IFQAL Mission Statement

The Idaho Food Quality Assurance Laboratory’s mission is to support Idaho agriculture:

  • The laboratory offers formal, third party food quality and environmental testing to Idaho producers, government agencies, agricultural groups, processors, and consumers.
  • All reported data is fully auditable, of the highest quality possible, and suitable for regulatory and legal use.
  • The advanced laboratory facility is staffed with experienced professionals, modern equipment, and information technology.
  • To protect Idaho agriculture, all records of laboratory test results provided by or retained by the IFQAL are confidential and exempt from Idaho Public Records Law requests (§ 9-340D(12)).