Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get an official sample taken?  
Appointments with our state plant industry inspectors to have an official sample taken may be made by calling the state Phytosanitary Certificate line at (208) 332-8629.  
2. Who do I contact if my garden plants or lawn appear sick?  
  There are several routes you may take to have your questions answered. If your plants or lawn are recently purchased, you should contact the commercial nursery or landscaper from whom the purchase was made.  
If the symptoms appear on plants you have owned for some time you can consult your local county extension agent or one of the many qualified landscape companies in Idaho with certified pest protection professionals.  
You may also browse through some of the plant diagnostic links listed on the Links page of this site.  
3. Who should I contact if trees on my property appear sick?  
You may follow any of the suggestions for the question above, or contact the USDA Forest Service in your state.  
4. Who should I contact if I suspect I have a quarantine pest problem?  
  Please see the Quarantines page under Plants & Insects.  
5. Who should I contact if I suspect herbicide drift damage?  
  Please contact the Agricultural Resources Division at (208) 332-8605.  
  Bob Spencer can help you.