Legal Scales Rules Governing the Disposal of Cull Onions and Potatoes
IDAPA 02.06.17

The department recognizes the need to relax the cull onion disposal rule because of severe weather and heavy snowfall which collapsed onion storage shed and packing buildings. The volume of onions to be disposed across the onion growing region is significant and flexibiility is needed in order to accommodate the challenges facing packing sheds and growers. Governor Otter declared an emergency in Washington County. Onion sheds have collapsed in Owyhee, Canyon, and Payette Counties as well. The rule is limited to temporarily suspending the March 15 disposal deadline. All other disposal requirements remain in place.

ISDA has rescinded the temporary rule since the emergency is over.


Effective Date of Temporary Rule:

February 8, 2017

Date of Rescission of Temporary Rule:

April 17, 2017

Questions about the rulemaking process may be directed to: