Legal Scales Rules for Voluntary Public Services of the Idaho Department of Agriculture Laboratories
IDAPA 02.06.21

Historically the Feed and Fertilizer (F&F) Laboratory's primary function has been regulatory and enforcement testing. However, it occasionally accepts public service samples on a fee basis. Since January 2014, the lab had 23 customers totaling $18,144.13 of business. Of that amount, 84% or $15,223.35 came from two other state agencies from Oregon and Michigan that use the ISDA Feed & Fertilizer Lab because of the extremely low prices.

The primary mission of the F&F Lab is to provide enforcement testing services in an accurate and timely manner. These public service samples, for the most part, do not even benefit Idaho residents and tie up valuable lab space and time. Therefore, the ISDA has halted voluntary service sample testing as of January 1, 2017. The department is proposing an elimination of the rule for voluntary public services.



Meeting was held July 26, 2017.

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