Legal Scales IDAPA 02.02 - Ag Inspections

02.02.02 Idaho Department of Agriculture Controlled Atmosphere Storage Rules
02.02.03 Apple Grades
02.02.04 Idaho Standards for Grades of Apples
02.02.05 Prune Standards
02.02.06 Idaho Standards for Grades of Sweet Cherries
02.02.07 Bulk Permit Procedure (Potatoes)
02.02.09 Rules Requiring Inspection of Potatoes Intended for Sale or Offered for Sale in Retail Outlets
02.02.10 Idaho Standards for Apricots
02.02.11 Rules Governing Eggs and Egg Products
02.02.12 Bonded Warehouse Rules
02.02.13 Commodity Dealers' Rules
02.02.14 Rules for Weights and Measures
02.02.15 Rules Governing the Seed Indemnity Fund