International Marketing
Trade Policy

The Market Development Division takes an active role in international trade policy issues and potential resolutions. Reducing trade barriers for Idaho products is a priority for the Division. Market access is needed to export products and establishing fair trading practices are essential for business success. 

In 1999 the Trade Issues Workgroup was established to address trade barriers for Idaho Agricultural products. From this workgroup came the Idaho Agriculture Trade Issues Report, which lists trade issues that have been identified by industry as priority issues. It reports the phytosanitary, tariff, quota, animal health and other trade barriers identified by the Idaho agriculture community. The Idaho Agriculture Trade Issues Report has been in publication since 1999 and is updated each year. 

Trade barriers that are identified for Idaho products are reported to USDA, USTR and other organizations who participate in global agriculture policy discussions and implementation.  Continued investment in raising the profile of Idaho’s trade issues benefits Idaho farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses by opening export markets and clarifying industry positions on trade agreements.