Certificates of Free Sale

“What is a Certificate of Free Sale?”
ISDA issues Certificates of Free Sale for products grown or processed in Idaho to certify that the products are distributed generally throughout the State of Idaho and the United States and are in accordance with Idaho health laws and sanitary regulations.  The requesting country may refer to this export certificate as a “Certificate of Sanitation” or “Sanitary Certificate”.

To view a sample certificate, click here.

“When is a Certificate required?”
When the country you are exporting to requires it.

“How much does a Certificate cost?”
The cost is $15.00 for each original certificate. This includes a notary certification and standard mailing charges.  An invoice for any fees and charges will be sent to the applicant and is due within 30 days. ISDA will not issue a Certificate of Free Sale to any company with an outstanding account balance.

For full rules governing Certificates of Free Sale, click here

For Certificates of Free Sale pertaining to Dairy Products, please email Jeni Marple

“How do I apply for a Certificate of Free Sale?”
Applications for a Certificate of Free Sale must be made in writing (which includes electronic mail) to the Market Development Division of ISDA.

To apply for a Certificate of Free Sale, email your request to brock.cornell@isda.idaho.gov  or fax your request to (208)334-2879 “Attention: Certificates of Free Sale”.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Brock Cornell or call (208)332-8530.

An application form is not required, simply provide the following information:

  • Company name
  • Physical address of packing or processing facility
  • Billing address
  • List of products to be certified
  • Number of certificates requested
  • Current copy of state, federal, or third-party health audit
  • The address to which the certificates should be mailed

For your convenience, you may also use this template.

***If express mailing is required, the applicant will be responsible for such charges

Customized text can be provided for the Certificate of Free Sale in order to meet the import requirements of a specific country.  ISDA will make every effort to comply with the request.