International Marketing

The Western United States Agricultural Trade Association is a non-profit trade association that administers programs to help small agribusinesses increase exports and international sales. The association is made up of 13 states, with Idaho being one of the member states.

The Market Development Division of ISDA frequently joins WUSATA in planning and administering various events. While each event is assigned a lead from one of the member states, eligible Idaho companies may participate in all events regardless of which state is leading the project.

WUSATA’s programs include export promotion, customized export assistance, a reimbursement funding program, international trade exhibitions, overseas trade missions, export seminars, in-country research, and point-of-sale promotions in foreign food chains and restaurants.

Trade missions, promotions, and other activities in select markets around the globe are part of WUSATA’s Global Connect Program, while a matching reimbursement of international marketing expenses direct to individual companies is part of WUSATA’s FundMatch Program. The Global Connect Program sponsors industry-wide food and agricultural projects that are jointly managed by state marketing specialists and WUSATA. These projects include everything from reverse buying missions and in-store demonstrations to trade shows and market research. The FundMatch Program provides matching funds to eligible small businesses for marketing expenses associated with overseas promotion of food and agricultural products, facilitating entry into foreign markets for many companies.

For more information about WUSATA’s programs, events, and eligibility for specific events, visit the WUSATA website.