The Importance of Agriculture Exports

With 95.5% of the world’s population and 80% of the world’s wealth being outside of the United States, opportunities for agricultural exports are great. Middle class consumer populations are growing quickly around the globe and the United States is a mature market able to serve these growing middle class consumers.

Export Statistics

Idaho produces 185 commodities statewide. Idaho continues to be among the nation’s leader in the production of several commodities and is ranked in the top ten in the nation for seven different crops and livestock. Cash receipts for Idaho agriculture in 2014 were $8.77 billion, a 8% increase over 2013. Idaho agriculture remains the state’s leading natural resource-based industry.

U.S. Agricultural Trade Data

USDA Foreign Ag Service Databases

Idaho Agricultural Statistics

The total dollar value of Idaho agricultural commodities exported was $1.88 billion in 2015 (source USDA ERS). The table below summarizes Idaho’s largest export commodity groups.

Commodity Group

2015 Exports


Dairy Products


$344.9 million




$258.4 million


Other Plant/Animal Products


$381.1 million


Processed Vegetables

$252.1 million



$157.2 million



Where Idaho Agricultural Exports Go

Canada and Mexico are Idaho’s largest agricultural export markets, with South Korea and China following closely behind. The table below shows the top export markets for Idaho’s agricultural products.

Country Market Share
Mexico 24.31%
Canada 19.95%
China 7.87%
South Korea 7.05%
Japan 4.8%
Indonesia 3.71%
Netherlands 3.31%
Spain 2.53%
Thailand 2.2%
Australia 1.77%
Chile 1.74%
Philippines 1.68%
Taiwan 1.47%
Peru 1.41%
Other 16.2%