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Inbound Buying Missions

Buying missions provide Idaho companies low-cost opportunities to meet foreign buyers when they visit Idaho. The Division works with the Idaho international trade offices and the Foreign Agricultural Service to connect Idaho producers with international companies
by coordinating meetings, presentations, and site visits with companies that offer products matching the buyers’ interests.  


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 Previous Missions:

Chef training, competition, and showcase in Macau

Hyatt switching to Idaho beef during Taiwan
menu promotion in
30 restaurants

 Mexico , April 2008

Idaho Cattleman’s pie recipe aired on national
television show
Recipe includes potatoes, beef, and onions


Trade Missions

Trade missions provide companies with an opportunity
to gather market information and establish working relationships with foreign buyers. Willingness to travel overseas to meet a potential buyer helps build
confidence and trust and can be the most effective
way to begin a successful business relationship. Aside from showing commitment, foreign visits provide the opportunity to see the buyers’ facilities and working conditions, making it easier to cater to the buyers’
needs and understand their requirements. The Market Development Division helps organize trade missions
that allow for visits with foreign buyers in their markets.

> Led by the Governor or Lieutenant Governor

In conjunction with the Idaho Department of
Commerce, the Market Development Division organizes trade missions to key markets for Idaho companies.
These missions are led by the Governor or Lieutenant
Governor, who are important assets to any Idaho company looking to gain access to important key government and industry contacts in international markets. These missions can facilitate meetings with private corporations which
provide access to purchasing directors, research and design personnel, and marketing teams.

 Participating companies receive:

  • Prequalified appointments with key industry and government officials within their sector
  • Receptions with important industry and
    government representatives and their customers
  • Comprehensive logistical arrangements including
    air travel, lodging, transportation, and a daily itinerary
  • Detailed mission information including market, cultural, political and economic analysis
  • The opportunity to recognize key customers through the exclusive Idaho Valued Partner Award

> Led by the ISDA Director or Market Development Division Staff

The Market Development Division works to find potential buyers for Idaho producers and arranges one-on-one appointments, product showcases, receptions, market tours and market briefings with qualified buyers and Idaho companies.

Trade Shows

The Market Development Division promotes and
organizes trade shows in targeted markets. Trade
shows are an excellent method of exploring international markets, providing product testing and tasting and the opportunity to meet one on one with potential buyers.  Most importantly, trade shows are a very cost effective method of entering a new market, or maintaining a presence in an existing market. 



Various promotions take place throughout the year to introduce Idaho products to international markets. ISDA helps organize events to create awareness for Idaho agricultural products, such as chef trainings, menu promotions, in-store retail promotions, product demonstrations, and more.


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