Websites for Applicator Training

PestiByte Podcasts (Free) - a series of short interviews with NPIC’s pesticide specialists about various pesticide safety topics.

University of Nevada, Reno Practice Tests (Free) - Links to University of Nevada Reno and several practice tests for various categories.

WSU online training modules (Variable fees) - Provides search engine for various online pre-license training modules offered through WSU Extension.

YouTube (Free): browse channel “pesticidesafety

pesticidevideos- A video collection selected and maintained by Virginia Tech's Pesticide Programs which includes pesticide safety videos from university extension specialists throughout the nation. (Search pesticidevideos)

UNLExtensionPSEP - These videos have been developed by the UNL Pesticide Safety Education Program.  The UNL Extension PSEP channel has videos about Safe Pesticide Handling, Personal Protective Equipment, Pesticide Labels and Laws and the Worker Protection Standard (Search UNLExtensionPSEP

Online Pre-licensing Training Support

NEW online National Pesticide Applicator Core Exam Prep Course developed by Utah State University Extension. This is a 5-hour, self-paced course designed to prepare future applicators to take the National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Exam. 


Green Applicator Training -


Alabama Cooperative Extension (Free) - YouTube video “Pesticide Applicator Training- Laws, Safety, Application and the Environment.”


California Master Gardener Lecture Series (Free) - A series of videotaped lectures provided by the University of California’s Agriculture & Natural Resources Communication Services.

NC Pesticide Applicator Certification and Licensing (Free) – Multiple YouTube videos from the channel “turfteacher ”.

NDSU collection of training videos (Free) – A collection of videos from various sources mostly related to worker protection safety training.

Ohio State online pre-license training series ($30 total) - 11 courses to cover the core concepts for pre-license training.

Penn State Quiz Show Games (Free) - A variety of quiz show type games to review core content material.

Penn State Pesticide Education Lawn and Turf Resources (Free).  An interactive plant identification and control website and additional lawn and turn resources.