Pesticide Applicator's Exam Schedule 2017

Idaho Areas

Northern Eastern South Central Southeastern Southwestern

These exam dates are tentative, and registration must be confirmed by calling at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled exam timeNote, if no calls are received, the exam session may be cancelled.  Fees for each exam must be paid to the Idaho Department of Agriculture- Boise office before exam results will be released.  Any questions regarding the exams, exam schedules, or recertification credits should be directed to us, or the Boise Office at (208) 332-8600.

  1. No cell phones will be allowed
  2. Calculator is recommended
  3. Photo ID is required at the time of testing

Exam fees

Fees for each exam, if required, must be submitted to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture office in Boise before exam results will be released.  No money will be accepted at the testing facilities.

***The services of the Idaho State Dept. of Agriculture are available to everyone irrespective of disability. Please call Sherman Takatori, Licensing Program Manager to request any accommodation needed to satisfy the above requirements for testing. Requests for publications in alternate formats will be promptly handled.

Idaho Relay Service (TT or TTY) ……1-800-377-3529

Northern Idaho

Exams will be given from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the locations and dates listed below, unless otherwise noted on the schedule. 

Northern Idaho Exam Schedule (pdf)

Chuck Hawley
Senior Ag Investigator (Hayden Office) (208) 762-9586
(please leave a message to register)

Idaho State Department of Agriculture
9699 Government Way, Suite A
Hayden, ID 83835

Joey Carter
Senior Ag Investigator (Lewiston Office) (208) 743-0415

Idaho State Department of Agriculture
1118 F Street - 3rd Floor
Lewiston, ID 83501

Eastern Idaho

All exams begin at 9:00 A.M.

Eastern Idaho Exam Schedule (pdf)

Jason McDermott
Senior Ag Investigator (Idaho Falls Office) (208) 525-7037

Bradley Farrar
Senior Ag Investigator (Idaho Falls Office) (208) 525-7071

Idaho State Department of Agriculture
1120 Lincoln Rd. Ste. C
Idaho Falls, ID 83401 (please leave a message to register)

South Central Idaho

(Blaine, Camas, Cassia, Gooding, Jerome, Lincoln, Minidoka and Twin Falls)

Exam sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 12:00 a.m., PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE.  

South-Central Exam Schedule (pdf)

Westy Pickup
Chemigation Program Specialist (208) 736-4759

Ryan Ward
Senior Ag Investigator (208) 736-4790

Jeanne Watkins
Senior Ag Investigator (208) 736-5277

Idaho State Dept. of Agriculture- IFQAL
1180 N. Washington St.
Twin Falls, ID. 83301  

Southeast Idaho

All exam sessions are held from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and are for testing only (examinations for all test categories will be available).

Southeast Idaho Exam Schedule (pdf)

Steve Riedy
Senior Ag Investigator (208) 236-6091

Kenneth Funk
Senior Ag Investigator (208) 236-6352

Idaho State Department of Agriculture
845 W. Center St. – B – Suite 301
Pocatello, Idaho  83204 (please leave a message to register)

Southwest Idaho

All sessions will begin at 8:00 AM on Fridays. 

2017 SW Exam Schedule

Brandon Smith
Senior Ag Investigator - (208) 252-9402

Daniel Sandoval
Senior Ag Investigator - (208) 366-5157

Doug Chan
Senior Ag Investigator - (208) 332-8661

Luis Urias
Agricultural Program Specialist - (208) 332-8663

Idaho State Department of Agriculture
2270 Old Penitentiary Road
Boise, ID 83712