Waiting Periods and Reciprocity


The following minimum waiting periods will be required before an applicant may retake an exam:

One Week*

*This represents a change in the Rules Governing Pesticide and Chemigation Use and Application for 2005


The Idaho Pesticides Law provides that the Idaho State Department of Agriculture may issue a Professional Applicator or Private Applicator (RU only) license to a person who resides outside of Idaho and holds a similar current license in another state. Idaho has reciprocal agreements with the following states:

  • Montana

  • Oregon

  • Utah

  • Washington

  • Wyoming

To become licensed in Idaho through a reciprocal agreement, an individual must:

  • Reside outside of Idaho;

  • Have an active pesticide license from one of the aforementioned states;

  • Provide ISDA with a photocopy of the current license, showing what categories are held. Note: Oregon and Washington license holders must include a copy of their active license status for the appropriate licensing period, from their respective department of agriculture website;

  • For Montana, Utah and Wyoming, the license holder must request a letter of good standing from their state Department of Agriculture licensing section;

  • Complete an ISDA license application form;

  • Provide proof of financial responsibility (if seeking a Professional Applicator license); and

  • Pay the appropriate license fee.

Idaho residents who hold pesticide licenses in other states, must pass the appropriate Idaho pesticide exams to license in Idaho.

There are no reciprocal agreements for the Idaho Dealer or Chemigation licenses.