USDA Pesticide Record Keeping Requirements
for Certified Private Applicators of Federally Restricted Use Pesticides

As of May 10, 1993, certified private pesticide applicators must maintain record(s) of federally restricted use pesticides applications. The record(s) must be maintained for two (2) years following the pesticide application.

In addition, effective August 1, 1995, the record information must have been recorded no later than fourteen (14) days following the pesticide application.

Although there is no required format for the application records, the records MUST contain the following required information:


The brand or product name of the federally restricted use pesticide and the product’s EPA Registration number.


The total amount applied. Record the total quantity of the product used--not the quantity after water or other substances were added. Amount does not refer to percent of active ingredient. Use the pesticide label for reference and record the amount in similar language. For example, if the label states the pesticide is to be measured in pints or ounces, then record the amount in that measurement.


The size of the area treated. This information should be recorded in the unit of measure (such as acre, linear feet, bushel, cubic feet, number of animals, etc.) which is normally expressed on the label in reference to the application being made. For example, if an 80 acre grove is treated using the alternate middle approach, the entire 80 acres would be recorded as the "size of area treated."


The crop, commodity, stored product, or site to which the pesticide was applied. Refer to the pesticide label for guidance to record this information.


The location of the application. Record the location of the application, not the address of the farm or business. Your goal is to be able to identify the exact area of the application two (2) years later if requested. The law allows any of the following designations:


county, range, township and section (although not required, subsection is acceptable);


maps or written descriptions;


a USDA identification system, which involves maps and a numbering system to identify field locations;


the legal property description.


The month, day, and year of the application.


The certified applicator’s name and certification number. If the application was made by someone who is not certified, then record the name and number of the certified applicator who supervised the application.


Spot treatments are especially useful in the control of noxious weeds. If you apply restricted use pesticides on the same day in a total area of less than 1/10 of an acre, you are required to record the following:

  1. brand or product name, EPA Registration number; and

  2. total amount applied; and

  3. location of treatment designated as "spot application," followed by a description (i.e., the location could be recorded as spot application treated for noxious weeds on field A,C and all pastures); and

  4. month, day and year of the application.

This provision excludes greenhouses and nursery applicators, who are required to keep all data elements as listed. There is no federal form to maintain your records.

Access to the Record Information is Limited to:

  1. USDA-authorized representatives who present identification;

  2. State-authorized representatives who present identification;

  3. attending licensed health care professionals, or those acting under their direction, when treating individuals who may have been exposed to restricted use pesticides.

Professional Applicator Requirements:

The Federal pesticide record keeping regulations require all Professional applicators, both agricultural and non-agricultural, to furnish a copy of the data they are currently keeping, or the data elements required by this regulation, to the customer within 30 days of the restricted use pesticide application. This can be done through an invoice, provided the invoice contains the necessary information.

Civil Penalties:

A certified applicator who violates any provision of the regulations will:

  1. For the first offense, be subject to a fine of not more than $650.00;

  2. For subsequent offenses, be subject to a fine of not less than $1,100.00 for each violation. The penalty shall be less than $1,100.00 if the Administrator of USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, or his or her designee, determines that the certified Applicator made a good faith effort to comply.

For more information on this program:
Contact Vic Mason, Agriculture Program Manager, at (208) 332-8628, Division of Agricultural Resources, or Laura Morris in the Boise office at (208) 332-8605, or write Idaho State Department of Agriculture, PO Box 790, Boise, Idaho, 83701.

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