Plant Diseases & Other Pests

Foliar blight symptoms
of Phytophthora ramorum on

Phytophthora ramorum symptoms on rhododendron

Golden nematode cysts on plant root
Golden nematode Globodera rostochiensis
root cysts

Idaho agriculture is very diversified with more than 144 different commodities and agricultural products. The value of Idaho ’s agricultural production is around $4 billion. Export markets are a significant sector of the agricultural economy with $789.2 million in sales or about 20% of the farm gate total from international trade. The ISDA, Division of Plant Industries has the responsibility to conduct pest survey and detection projects for a wide array of regulated and invasive pest species.

In the context of an integrated pest management system, ISDA works to exclude, regulate and manage new invaders that may have negative economic, public health and environmental impacts. The Pest Survey and Detection Program maintains an important partnership with USDA Plant Protection and Quarantine and the Idaho Department of Lands. Although we are involved in many plant health issues, the department’s primary mission is to protect Idaho ’s diverse agricultural interests from new pest threats.

ISDA Major Plant Disease Surveys and Projects

Giant African land snail on hand

Giant African Land Snails Achatha fulica