Laws & Rules

Section 22-103(15), Idaho Code, Duties of the Director

Title 22, Chapter 20, Idaho Code, Idaho Plant Pest Act of 2002

IDAPA 02.06.05 - Rules Governing Diseases of Hops (Humulus lupulus) (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.06 - Rules Governing the Planting of Beans (Phaseolus Sp.) in Idaho (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.07 - Rules Governing White Rot Disease of Onion (Sclerotium cepivorum) (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.08 - Quarantine Rules Pertaining to Apples and Cherries (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.11 - Rules Governing European Corn Borer (Ostrinia nubilalis) (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.13 - Rules Relating to Rapeseed Production and Establishment of Rapeseed Districts in the State of Idaho (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.14 - Rules Governing Annual Bluegrass (Poa annua) (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.15 - Rules Governing Peach Tree Diseases (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.17 - Rules Governing the Disposal of Cull Onions and Potatoes (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.18 - Rules Governing Mint Rootstock and Clone Production (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.20 - Rules Governing Grape Planting Stock (pfd)

IDAPA 02.06.22 - Noxious Weeds Rules (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.24 - Rules Governing the Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica) (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.26 - Rules Governing Seed Potato Crop Management Areas (pdf)

02.06.29 - Rules Governing Non-Native Phytophagous Snails (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.32 - Rules Governing the Anthracnose Disease of Lentils, Lens culinaris Medik (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.34 - Rules Concerning Virus-Free Certification of Nursery Stock (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.35 - Rules Governing Rough Bluegrass (Poa trivialis) (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.38 - Rules Governing Plum Curculio (Conotrachelus nenuphar) (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.39 - Rules Governing Minimum Standards for Planting Uncertified Seed Potatoes in Idaho (pdf)

IDAPA 02.06.40 - Rules Governing Ginseng Export (pdf)

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