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Title 7, Code of Federal Regulations

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

USDA's summary of Federal Quarantines

South Central Idaho Bacterial Blight Control Association, Inc.
Robert Williams , President
Greg Sievers , Vice-President
Virgil Champlin, Manager/Sec. & Treas.

PO Box 2208
Twin Falls, Idaho   83303-2209

Idaho Bean Commission
Lacey Menasco, Administrator
821 W. State Street
Boise, Idaho 83702
FAX: 334-2442
Email: lmenascol@bean.idaho.gov
Website: www.bean.idaho.gov

Idaho-Eastern Oregon Seed Association (IEOSA)
Doug Gross, President
Paul Kaserman , 1st Vic
e President
Lorell Skogsberg, 2nd Vice President

Roger Batt, Executive Director

55 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 100
Meridian, Idaho  83642  
FAX: 888-4586
Email: roger@amgidaho.com
Website: www.ieosa.com

Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee
Herb Haun, Chairman
Corey Maag, Vice Chairman
Kay Riley , Secretary/Treasurer
Candi Fitch , Executive Director
PO Box 909
Parma, Idaho 83660
FAX: 722-6582
Email: cbfitch@cableone.net

Website: www.bigonions.com

Idaho Onion Growers Association
Clinton Wissel, President
Dell Winegar, Vice President
Sheila Seeman, Secretary/Treasurer
PO Box 729
Parma, Idaho   83660-0729
FAX: 722-7330 

Malheur County Onion Growers Association
Paul Skeen , President
710 SW 5th Avenue
Ontario, Oregon   97914
(541) 881-1417
FAX: (541) 889-884

Far West Spearmint Oil Administrative Committee
Rod Christensen, Manager
100 N Fruitland Suite B
Kennewick, Washington   99336
(509) 585-5460
FAX: (509) 585-2671
Website: www.farwestspearmint.org

Idaho Mint Growers Association (IMGA)
Roger Batt, Executive Director
55 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 100
Meridian, Idaho   83642
FAX: 888-4586
Email: roger@amgidaho.com

Idaho Oil Seed Commission
Benjamin Kelly, Administrator
55 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 100
Meridian, Idaho 83642
FAX: 888-4586
Email: benjamin@amgidaho.com

Idaho Grape Growers and Wine Producers Commission
Moya Shatz Dolsby, Executive Director
821 West State Street
Boise, Idaho 83702
FAX: 334-2505
Email: info@idahowines.org
Website: www.idahowines.org

Idaho Table Grape Association
Ron Mann, President; Tom Elias, Vice President
1185 Sommercamp Road
Melba, Idaho 83687

Idaho State Horticultural Society (ISHS)
Kathy Brooke, President
Mike Williamson, Vice President
Bill Marston, Secretary
14068 Sunny Slope Road
Caldwell, Idaho   83607
FAX: 459-6932


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