Seed Buyers Licensing

The seed buyer licensing Period is for one year, July 1 through June 30.

If the applicant has an Idaho Seed Dealer License (pdf), there is no fee for a seed buyer license. Otherwise, both the original and the renewal license fee for a seed buyer is $350. A license which has expired may be reinstated for a fee of $100 plus the renewal fee, if applicable, if filed within 30 days of expiration. Applications received after the 30 day reinstatement period shall be considered original applications and the license fee will be the original license fee if applicable, along with the $100 reinstatement fee.

Licensing requirements for a seed buyer are:
1. Seed Buyer License Application.pdf,
2. Applicable fees (listed above),
3. Seed Buyer Bond.pdf or irrevocable letter of credit or certificate of deposit,
4. A current, sufficient policy of insurance covering losses,
5. A written schedule of conditioning, bagging and testing charges.

Other Forms Related to Licensing as a Seed Buyer:
Forms, Reports & Publications

To inquire whether or not a seed buyer is licensed, please contact us at
(208) 332-8660