Frequently Asked Questions about Device Licensing

Diesel Fuel Pump

Question:   If I only use my scale once or twice a year to sell cattle do I need to license and is there a pro-rated license for little use?

Answer:   Any device used to buy or sell, even between two private parties, is a commercial device and needs to be licensed.   The license fee is based on the cost of testing a device; the costs involved in testing do not vary with use of the device.

The primary purpose of Weights and Measures is to ensure equity in transactions. Use of a scale or meter that is not accurate would be worse than estimating quantities by eye.

Question:   What constitutes a motor fuel device and how are they counted?

Answer:   The answer is not as simple as it may appear.    Modern Multi-Product dispensers differ from traditional gas pumps; however, both are counted based on how they are tested by W&M.   The cost of testing (average time spent testing)   is the basis for determining the license fee.   The testing is based on National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 44 requirments that a volumetric test be accomplished on each product offered at a dispenser.   ISDA W&M inspectors test each grade or product offered for volume to insure that the blending valve as well as the meters are performing correctly.   A Multi product dispenser is required to be licensed for each grade or product offered at that dispenser.   (Example: A dispenser with three products on each side (a six-pack) =six products, requires at least six-five gallon drafts to test, is required to have six licenses)

Question:    Will I be charged for rechecks or complaint testing?

Answer:   NO   This program is a licensing program.   Although the fee structure is based on costs of testing types of devices, rechecks and complaints will not cost the device owner additional fees.   However, this program will not change the charges for request testing by owners.   Request testing will be billed at actual costs.

Question:   Will this licensing program affect W&M routine inspections?

Answer:   Routine device inspections will continue as they have.   All commercial devices will be inspected during the calendar year.   The timing of inspections is unrelated to licensing timing.  During the annual routine device inspection, the W&M inspector will check to make sure the license for devices is posted and that it reflects the actual number and type of devices at each location.

Question:   Can I pay my local inspector for licensing?

Answer:   Local W&M inspectors cannot accept fees for licensing.   Your local inspector has blank forms and will generate a W&M Business ID Number that is the necessary reference for a business in our system.   Your local inspector can answer questions and help you to complete the application form.   All licenses are issued at the Boise office and mailed out to device owners.  

Question:   Can I pay for licenses with a credit card?

Answer:   Not at this time.   This is our initial licensing period.   Our goal is to have credit and debit card payment available in the near future.  

Question:   Will a test from a Registered Service Agency (RSA) substitute for the ISDA W&M test and license?

Answer:   No.   Title 71-117 Idaho Code requires commercially used devices to bear a State Seal or mark to show they have been approved for use.   A RSA in good standing and currently registered with ISDA W&M has the authority to place into service new equipment or corrected rejected equipment—until this equipment can be inspected and tested by ISDA W&M. A license is required for commercially used devices or instruments whether or not the device or instrument is inspected and tested.   ISDA W&M's goal is to inspect and test 100% of the commercial devices in the state annually.