Any person acting as a public weighmaster shall make application to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Weights and Measures (ISDA W&M) for a Weighmaster's License. Each applicant shall furnish satisfactory evidence of good moral character, ability to weigh accurately and to make correct weigh tickets.

TSS Scale

On receipt of the application with satisfactory evidence of qualifications and a license fee of ten dollars ($10.00), the ISDA W&M shall issue an annual weighmaster's license. No weighmaster's license shall be issued to any applicant who is under the age of eighteen (18) years or to a person whose license issued under this act has been revoked.

Weighmaster's Licenses are to be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises where the weighmaster is engaged in weighing.

All commodities weighed shall be recorded on standard tickets showing:

A. Name and address of weighing entity
B. Serial Number of weight ticket
C. Date of weighment
D. Owner of Commodity being weighed
E. Identity of Commodity being weighed
F. Gross weight of load
G. Tare weight of load
H. Net weight of load
I. Signature of Weighmaster